• K-BEAUTY ON is an unified brand identity for overseas expansion of Korean cosmetics, and is used for all showcases organized by the KHIDI.
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“We Think Your Balance”

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·A by BOM
A by BOM believes in the power of nature. We slowly and honestly seek beauty with natural materials rather than chemical ingredients considering the delicacy of the skin. The plant garden the natural plant materials grow, where it needs to be grounded, abundantly nourished, and sincerely taken care of, is quite similar to our skin. A by BOM Cosmetics aims for the skincare that interacts with nature like a fresh garden and gives the pleasure of taking care of the skin.
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A by BOM cosmetics is a brand that takes care about the people and the nature. We hope for the harmonized worlds with the people and the nature.

Ultra Royal Glow Queen Mask Sheet - 27ml x 10 ea


Ultra Time Return Eye Serum - 30ml